A man is drinking late at night with his buddy.

He looks at the time, 12 am, and says “Fuck I gotta get home, my wife will kill me.” His buddy says “No no, stay around a bit longer.” So the man stays. Time passes, and it’s 3 am. The man knows he fucked, but his friend says, “Listen, what you need to do, is go home, give your wife a good time, and all will be forgiven.” So the man nods and walks out of the bar. He hurries home, trying not to be later then he already is. Once he gets home, he walks upstairs quietly as to not wake his wife up. He lays in bed next to her, and gives her a good time. The satisfied man goes to the bathroom and sees his wife there. He almost screams when his wife said, “Stay quiet, your mom is in the bed sleeping.”

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