Irishman walks into a bar in the states and walks to the Bar and orders 3 pints…

And the bartender says, i’m sorry sir here in the states we can only serve you one at a time. The Irishman responds by explaining “you see it comes from when me and me’ two brothers left the old country to different parts of the world, and we said every Saturday we would enter a pub and order 3 pints and drink them as if we were drinking them together”.

The bartender looked at him thought about it and said “fine far be it for me to separate a man from his family.“ And served him 3 pints.

Over the weeks and months this became a regular thing, the man would walk in and order the pints and all the regulars learned what was going on.

One day, the Irishman walked in and raised his hand as he came in the door and shouted “Just two pints Tommy!” … And everything stopped. The bartender stopped in his tracks and all the regulars stopped what they were doing and looked at the Irishman. A regular asked him “is everything OK?” Another regular “asked did one of your brothers die?”

The Irishman responded “no everything’s fine! I just gave up drinking for lent!”

(Side note – applies to Episcopalians too!)